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Car was damged on right rear in shopping parking lot while shopping. Adjuster was to call my wife at work so she could come out to see him. He just left a card. Estimate was given for a little spot paint. Told them i wouldnt accept it because no wy they where going to spot paint a new car. I had an estimate from a paintless dent repair. They said no problem they would work with him. He set up appointment for him to look at it with him before he... Read more

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I have been injured in an accident that was caused by a reckless driver. Kemper refuses to cover my medical bills despite NYS No-Fault Laws. This company is horrible and only out for themselves. Don't make the mistake of using them for your auto insurance!

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I am writing to issue a complaint about the poor service that I have received from Kemper Insurance company. After being rear-ended in a collision on March 11, 2016, the adjuster, Mr. Alberto Rios, rendered my Audi A4 a total loss. It was taken to a yard facility by the name of CoParts, but I was NOT notified of its removal of the collision repair center. As a result, the property items that were still in my vehicle were stolen and I have... Read more

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I have been going through Kemper for a few months now. It wasn't to bad until I had a minor collision, I was backing up out of my parking space, my back was out of the space when this car came out of nowhere and we collided. It was a 50/50 accident and I was blamed for it all! The other person completely lied to my insurance and I tried to explain to the claims agent and she rudely said " I deal with this everyday " like I was lying or... Read more

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Im 4 hours from home, a mandatory medical trip, but my daughter and I decided to make the best of a not wanted trip. We finally could enjoy the rest of the evening and see a place weve never been. Well, i locked the keys in my car. Luckly i had somewhere to charge my phone, and a warm place for my daughter from the cold and rain, because it took 4 hours for my policy to be found! The agents were rude and kept transferring me to worthless... Read more

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I was insured with Kemper for a few years. Always was unhappy with their service so eventually I got fed up and canceled it. Today I got a letter in the mail from them. Included with the letter was a check for $5.84 .. in the letter it said "Concerning your above referenced insurance policy: We recently discovered that the premium calculation on your auto policy included an incorrect fee charge. You will be receiving a refund of the cancellation... Read more

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Worst insurance service ever had..called them and cancelled my policy renewal on the last day of term that is on monday because their office is closed on Saturday and Sunday's.they even charged my credit card even after cancelling my policy.also for first term my policy was around $60 and they increased it to $85 for no reason.the reason they mentioned adding my car in the policy..and customer service Is very rude.dont recommend it. Read more

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I was affected by the tornados in Garland Texas on 12/26/15. My entire apartment complex was destroyed and I was left with nothing. I was unable to enter the premises to try and salvage some of my belongings. Luckily some of my former neighbors found my dog roaming around and returned her to me otherwise I would have lost everything! I filed a claim with this company in December I have yet to hear back from anyone. No one has even answered their... Read more

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If a company isn't concerned about the people that sell it's product they CERTAINLY aren't concerned about the policy holders. The customer service reps are rude and go out of their way it seems to NOT be helpful. The underwriter's are either too lazy to do their job or too busy to do it, I haven't figured out which. They spent 5 years paying every single claim that got called in with complete disregard as to whether or not the policyholder's... Read more

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I was rear ended during Thanksgiving by a Kemper insurer and the California Highway Patrol even cited her for having an expired license. To make the long story short, My insurance notify them and that is why Kemper contact me a week later. However, they sent letter stating they cannot get a hold of their insurer which is a bunch of BS. Please don't waste time when dealing with Kemper and get legal representation as soon as possible. It has been... Read more

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