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I came across this site while a claim that I partial filed was pending. I was so busy at the time (and now). I thought that I would post a positive review of Kemper Insurance. Why? Because I was treated, in my opinion, way more than fairly. Let me assure you, I am the type to aggressively complain about bad service. Big time! But at the same time, I realize that when I get excellent service, the type of service that seems to go above and beyond, I must commend that too. Otherwise, if I just complained all the time, that would just make me a b*t*h. In my opinion, too many people take for granted quality service and only write negative reviews when something does not go their way. I have to balance out, accurately, my reviews. And I only give a good or bad review when it is deserved.

I had a vandal break the front pane of an empty 210 gallon aquarium in my apartment when I was not home. When I called the police to view the damage, one of the officers suggested that I make a claim on my home owner's insurance (I live in an apartment, and having this insurance is a requirement of living where I am at).

The Kemper claims adjuster I was assigned was a gentleman named Robert Bonke. I found speaking with him on the phone to be a pleasure (as far as speaking on the phone with people you don't know goes). I called more than a few times, even asking the same question/s more than once. I forget things. Mr. Bonke never gave me the impression that I was bothering him by calling as much as I was. He was always friendly. I truly feel that he is a nice, decent person.

I was required to send Mr. Bonke a few documents, such as the police report, receipts, value of the damaged aquarium when new, etc.

I had the police report. Other than that, and a few photos of the damage, I took my time getting the rest of the information to him. I was extremely busy with other things. I finally got around to doing a bit of homework and emailed to Mr. Bonke a four somewhat similar (but not nearly as nice) aquarium prices found on the Internet. I averaged the prices and came to one specific dollar amount.

Once I emailed this information to Mr. Bonke, I called him to tell him that I had done so. Wonderfully, he told me that he had already mailed a check to me. He had taken the effort to do the research that I was trying to get to and the numbers (dollar amounts) he came up with were much higher than what I had come up with.

I received a check with an amount that was way more than what I expected! And let me tell you, I really needed that money.

So, my only experience with Kemper Insurance, and one of their claims adjusters, Robert Bonke, was PHENOMENAL! Thank you Mr. Bonke!

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Kemper sounds pretty good. I may just get a quote from them. I hear from friends that they have excellent prices!!


This company is bad when comes to sending a claim adjuster to look

At my car that was hit my one of there customers while my car was

Parked in front of my home on 6-24-12. I am still waiting. I all be taking

Legal action.

Micks Customs

Kemper auto insurance is a crooked company, you were lucky and obviously had them by the balls or they would have scammed you too!


Kemper is (was) a fine company.

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